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Schloss Bräustüberl culinary events!

At Schloss Bräustüberl we welcome the autumn and winter season!

Autumn is not only a delight for the eyes due to the wonderful play of colours in nature, but also offers a lot of culinary variety. Let yourself be surprised by the changing game and mushroom dishes from the local forests and tasty duck and goose dishes. Enjoy the cold winter days with a delicious fondue with friends and family, fortify yourself with tender spare ribs or experience the Bavarian way of life at the Sunday Frühschoppen with live music in the Schloss Bräustüberl.

We warmly welcome you to our culinary events in the Schloss Bräustüberl!

Dinner for One & Breakfast for Three

„Dinner for One“ simply belongs to the turn of the year! Enjoy a one-hour comedic program all about the popular „Dinner for One“ skit, plus a drink and a Brotzeitbrettl in the Schloss Bräustüberl Hohenschwangau.

O´zapft is – Schloss Bräustüberl-Frühschoppen

„Frühschoppen“ on Sunday – a typical Bavarian tradition. Take your family and friends and enjoy a traditional Bavarian „Weißwurst“ breakfast. At 11:30 a.m. you will hear an „O´zapft is“ while a bear barrel is tapped and the beer from the König Ludwig Schlossbrauerei ist freshly drafted. Local musicians will create a typical bavarian atmosphere!

Fondue at the Alpseestube

Cosiness, convivial atmosphere and culinary pleasure – experience a wintry fondue evening at the rustic Alpseestube right next to our Schloss Bräustüberl restaurant.

Spareribs all you can eat

Spicy, delicious and as much as you like! Tender spareribs of Allgäu pork, marinated in our spicy Schloss Bräustüberl sauce and served with delicious side dishes will make your mouth water. Enjoy this delicacy along with a cold König Ludwig draft beer!

Christmas Offers

You do not feel like standing in the kitchen yourself on the holidays? We will spoil you with culinary delights over the Christmas period with delicious fondue evenings or our cosy Christmas brunch.

New Year's „Steckerlfisch“ dinner

Whether in winter or summer - a crispy „Steckerlfisch“ is always a treat. Our „Steckerlfisch“ is skewered on a wooden stick, grilled over charcoal until crispy and then eaten hot right out of the paper.